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As well as osteopathy, we also offer acupuncture and the treatment of vertigo.  These work towards restoring your body to a state of balance without the use of drugs or surgery. Cranial osteopathy is also available .

Physical manipulation, stretching and massage help to increase the mobility of joints, to relieve muscle tension and also enhance the blood supply to tissues, all of which  helps your body’s own healing mechanisms.

What's the difference between an osteopath, a chiropractor and a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is good for rehabilitation, possibly not so good for getting the spine moving if it is restricted.
Chiropractors are good for joint restrictions in the spine, but their techniques do not involve as much soft tissue work as an osteopath.

Does it hurt?

You may sometimes experience brief discomfort during manipulation, but  the majority of the treatment is  painless - you are more likely to find it quite a pleasant experience.

You may feel achy or sore for around 48 hours after your visit, but this is perfectly normal.

10 Reasons to Visit an Osteopath

1.    Fed up with experiencing dull low back ache when you are out shopping.
2.    Feeling really stiff and achy when you get out of the car.
3.    Sciatic leg pain that won’t go away.
4.    Experiencing regular headaches.
5.    Stiff and achy neck when at your desk
6.    All symptoms go away when you are on holiday.
7.    Burning sensation between your shoulder blades when you have sat at your desk for a few hours.
8.    You have RSI.
9.    Everything aches.
10.  All of the above